Askhole (n) - a person who constantly asks for your advice; however always does the complete opposite of what you tell them. Ex: Zambo is an askhole to Brim.

Automanted Sarcage (v) - An automated message that is sarcastic.

Bailalingual (a) - The art of dancing in different languages. Ex: [Dances in French]

Brocation (Adj) : When a bunch of "bros" go on vacation. 

Cajjjey (a) – When you drink casually and forget what you are talking about.

Erectnophobia (n) - the fear of getting an erection in public; however it's so small that nobody notices.

Epissany (v) - Having an epiphany while peeing Ex: While Kevin was peeing he had an epissany.

Foodsition (n) - Combination of food and superstition.

Fry-tabolism - The act of gaining weight while looking at food

Frytention (n) - Having tension with fries.

Hooliganinary (n) – Being an imaginary hooligan.

Jerklament (v) - The act of being a jerk while giving a compliment. Ex: Kim gave a jerklament to Zambo about his hairstyle.

Jiz-wee(Adj) - The terminology of excitment- Ooo wee! and jiz.

Lazlay (v) - Delaying or putting something stuff off because one is lazy/hungover.

Mc-Seption - the Act of eatting McDonalds while watching Michael Keato in the Founder but then Start eating KFC because reasons

National Potato Sh*t Day (a) - The day when you confuse something so great, with something so nasty. Ex: When you are hungry for waffles that are blue.

Premature Spiderbation (v) - The act of Spiderman shooting some webs out of his disco stick.

Roastception(v) - The act of roasting or cooking something while dissing and roasting on someone.

Section-D (n) - Using “dirty” language, or sexual innuendos while recording at The Grindhouse Radio. Ex: Brimstone is fluent in section-d’ing.

Snickslexia (n) - Having a withdrawal from food and candy. Ex: Brim is having a Snakslexia? QUICK!!! Get him snickers.

Syndicate (n) - A list of syndicated networks on The Grindhouse Radio is on.

Turdvilation (v) - to have a revelation while pooping. Ex: Scott had a huge turdvilation after eating Taco Bell.

Weirally (n) - The combination between weird and really. Ex: So you saying that Tom has tutu on while doing back flips? Weirally???

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