I’m Tom Greer, Tom Tommy, or close family refers to me as “NJ” either one would do.  I am one half of the best damn production interns this business has seen yet the peanut gallery.  I’m from West Babylon New York, graduated from West Babylon Senior High School and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  Where I learned all of my audio and video editing skills. It’s also the real reason I was able to get this opportunity with The Grindhouse Radio.  I am a huge sports freak! I’ve been a diehard Mets, Giants, and Islanders fan my entire life, and am now coming around to basketball. So if you made me pick a team I would have to say I’d be a Knicks fan. I can sometimes let my passion for the games get the best of me at points. I could be cheering all excited and loud, and the next moment I could be wanting to throw something at my TV when things go bad.  I’m working on that, but other than the two recent Super Bowls by the Giants, it’s been all heart break so it’s not really that easy.

My love for sports helps fuel the heated arguments that me and my peanut gallery co-hort Scott have just about every time we are working together.  I have had a few different people that inspired me to get into the radio, broadcasting business.  From the entertainment side it would have to be the Opie and Anthony show.  Although, they may not be together anymore since I was a kid I loved the way that show sounded. It never was a regular morning show, it sounded different more like they were just hanging out and just going along with whatever they felt worked. It was hilarious! On the sports side of things being a Mets and Giants fan, I’ve had the privilege of having amazing broadcasters like Howie Rose for the Mets and Bob Papa for the Giants.  The way they are able to take something like baseball, or football and make it just as exciting on the radio as if I was watching it on television, gave me the idea of that’s what I want do one day.  My dream is to be a broadcaster for either one of my favorite teams. If you made me pick it would be the Mets.  Just being a part of a production team would be a dream come true. But, now at this present time I have the privilege to be part of the best pop culture show out there.. the organized chaos known as The Grindhouse Radio

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