Kim Adragna is known for being the sunshine and rainbows of the group, always bringing the crew back on topic. Don’t let her sweetness fool you, once in a while she’ll catch you off guard and sneak in a section-d! She is known for her infamous “Noooo!” and Kim’s Questions on The Grindhouse Radio. While she was attending Farmingdale State College, she founded the radio club. First starting as an on-air personality soon finding herself moving up in positions. She first started out as Events and Promotions Director, Business Manager (CFO), and then finally Vice President of the radio station. Kim has been in the entertainment and radio broadcast business for a couple years and loves every minute of it. Aside from broadcasting, you can catch Kim singing, modeling, acting, doing voice-overs, cooking, baking and of course eating! She is a major foodie, and if you listen to the show she loves her french fries. A fun fact about Kim: She almost went to culinary school for cooking and baking. It’s always an exciting time for Kim to create content and broadcast with her co-hosts Brimstone, Zambo and the crew. The chemistry between everyone on the show is extremely inviting, which creates its charm for The Grindhouse Radio.

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